Thursday, April 27, 2017

Industrial Design:

. Research of new and existing product categories

An aspect of the research side of design that usually goes unnoticed, but if it is done incorrectly can make a product stand out, and not in a good way. However, when it is done correctly, gives a product something special, and is what keeps consumers coming back for more.

. Ergonomics and human factors research

Demand for well-designed products is increasing and form factors and ergonomics play a critical role in the design. If a product is weak in ergonomics and some of the human factors are not considered in its design, the product does not contribute to the quality of life.

. Ideation sketches and concept iteration.


We challenge boundaries to provide innovative solutions and a highly refined sense of style and form.

. Detailed drawings with components layouts

. Presentations of potential products for marketing

. Final concept refinement

. Model building and detailed 3-D CAD modeling

The top performers in manufacturing are able to remove the amount of physical prototypes and testing by running more simulations, saving between fourteen and 109 days in the time market.

. Establishing and tracking project milestones

. Prototyping


Packaging Design

Graphic Design


Instructional Animation