Hello! I am Tanya Sokolsky, the founder of Tansodesign.

My Qualifications-

- Industrial Designer: Designed products for many companies. See Portfolio of industrial design work.

- Manufacturing Process Lean Designer: Improved manufacturing processes through Lean design and created new tools in order to boost efficiency of production.

- Metallurgical Engineer and Scientist: Conducted scientific research in marine metal corrosion at Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

- Entrepreneur: Has developed an on-line medical tool.

- Artist: Has exhibited in a New York gallery and sold paintings in the US, Russia, and Canada.


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Professional Profile-

Director of Development at LanguageMed, Deming, NM, USA

LanguagMed offers customized automated patient histories, screening, instructions and forms in multiple languages.

- Developed a raw idea into a user-friendly tool for doctors, nurses and their patients. Supervised work flow and functionality of custom software. AWS VM, LAMP, custom javascript, and template development.


Manufacturing Process Designer at Compass Components, Deming, NM, USA

Implemented numerous improvements in manufacturing processes, such as loom application on wire harnesses, pre-plugging for the harness production, and CAD drawings production. These improvements were not possible without improving designs for all the elements involved in the production, such as equipment, production order and techniques. These improvements saved total time of production and made the production environment safer due to improved ergonomics and safety procedures.


Senior Industrial Designer at Jasco Products/GE, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

- Generated design ideas for consumer electronics and home electrical products for the GE brand. Executed engineering files for product production; acted on quality problems.

- Designed three products which won Consumer Electronics awards in 2006-2007. This was a team effort to bring technological innovation behind the design.